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The tension of electricity bill is over, this AC runs non-stop even when there is no light

New Delhi. With the increase in summer, the demand for AC also increases. This is the reason why AC prices also start touching the sky. If someone tells you that there is such an AC which does not get electricity bill after installing it, will you believe it? But it is true that after installing such AC, the tension of the bill will end. Because it does not require electricity to run. It is called Solar AC, so let us tell about the specialty and price of this AC-

Solar AC can be bought both online and offline. However, it is better to buy online because it is also getting a good discount. You can buy Solar AC from IndiaMart. On buying from here, you also get 1 year warranty of AC, but for this you must have the original bill. Guarantee will not be given in case of non-payment of bills.

The company claims that this AC lasts for a full 8 hours after a single charge. The specialty of this AC is that as soon as it runs, it also starts cooling. This AC is in great demand right now. That’s why there is very little cell on it, but for the first time so much bumper cell is running on AC. Information received from the website shows that only a few units of it are left.

While buying this AC, you should keep in mind that it is very important to charge its sales. If they are not charged then there will be no cooling either. If you order it today it may take around 1 week to reach your home. Because the company has installed its plant near Mumbai. At present, no big brand comes in solar AC. This assembly is AC only. However, it is not yet clear whether the company has opened any service center in Delhi for its service or not.

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