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The ‘techno’ story of a wedding; 3D Virtual Happy India, Wedding Comes To Wedding, Technology To See

New Delhi: Social media company Facebook has changed its name Meta Since done Metaverse The word has come under special discussion. Metavers In this virtual world many people are organizing different things. Many companies are also launching their products in Metavers. A few days ago, an Indian couple had a wedding reception in Metavers. Now for the first time in India in Metavers To get married Is done. Abhijeet and Sansrati got married in this virtual world. About 500 guests were also present. According to reports, Abhijit and Sanskriti are the first Indian couple to get married in 3D Metavers. Wedding Indian Metavers Platform Yug Metaverse Done in

The couple’s digital incarnation hosted the event at a beachside venue. Guests also attended the event in digital incarnations. The wedding took place on February 5. Its physical event took place in Bhopal. Tech entrepreneur Abhijeet Goel and Dr. Sansrati had met each other at the matrimonial site. They wanted to invite celebrities from all over the world to this wedding. So they decided to get married on a virtual platform.

Meanwhile, Metaverse is a kind of virtual world. People can enter this virtual world with virtual identity. In this virtual space, people can hang out, meet friends. That is, everything that can be done in the real world can be done here. Earlier, a couple from Tamil Nadu had organized a wedding reception in Metaverse. The event was also attended by thousands of people. What is special is that this time the late father of the bride was also present in the virtual incarnation.


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