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The story of Anil Agarwal’s business journey is very interesting, know how he tasted success

Success Story of Vedanta Founder Anil Agarwal: Vedanta’s chairman and country’s veteran industrialist Anil Agarwal (Vedanta Founder Anil Agarwal) remains very active on social media and often shares inspirational stories. He keeps telling many things related to the struggle of his life. Recently, he has told the secret of his success in life. Anil Agarwal, chairman of Vedanta Resources Limited, told that he also considers curd-sugar as the secret of his success. Anil Agarwal believes that eating curd and sugar has improved his public speaking a lot.

Mother fed curd sugar since childhood-
By sharing a photo on Twitter, Anil Agarwal has told that before any big and auspicious work, I definitely eat curd-sugar. My mother has fed me curd and sugar since childhood. This is not only Indian tradition but or the blessing of our mother. Usually people eat curd considering it auspicious, but for me it is mother’s blessing. With changing times, people call curd as yogurt, but for me it is mother’s blessing.

Mumbai came empty handed from Bihar
Earlier, the Vedanta chief had told on Twitter that he had left Bihar empty-handed and later the city of Mumbai changed his fortunes. Aggarwal had told that he left Bihar at a very young age and came to Mumbai empty-handed. He had only a tiffin box at that time. Along with this, he said that after coming to Mumbai, he had seen yellow taxi and double decker bus for the first time. Coming to Mumbai, Anil Agarwal worked hard and later touched heights. Along with this, he said that if the youth work hard, they can fly high.

Vedanta Group has become so big today
Anil Agarwal is a resident of Bihar and came to Mumbai from Bihar only at the age of 20. After this he started the scrap metal business in 1970. After this he established his first company which earned him a good amount of money. After this, in the year 1976, he bought a company Shamsher Sterling Cable, but after that he did not even have the money to pay the employees. After this, Aggarwal started a total of 9 different businesses to run this company, but all of them failed. After this, in the year 1986, the Government of India approved the private sector to make telephone cables. Earlier in 1980, he had bought Starlight Industries. After this, in the year 1990, he started the work of Copper Refine. Sterlite Industries was the first such private industry in the country which used to work in Copper Refine. After this, Agarwal continued to write a new success story and today as the chairman of Vedanta Resources, he has a special place among the big businessmen of the country and abroad.

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