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The smartphone has become dirty, these easy hacks will remove the dirt hidden in every corner, the phone will shine like new.

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How to clean your smartphone: Nowadays everyone has a smartphone. When someone buys a new phone, he keeps it shining brightly, but gradually the phone starts getting dirty. Scratches start appearing on the phone screen. If not cleaned, the screen starts looking dirty. Small particles of dust and dirt also reach inside the phone. Some people use some things to clean the mobile, which can damage the phone. If you want to clean the dirt accumulated on your smartphone or want to brighten the screen, you can try some tips.

Ways to clean smartphone

1. Mobile screen is the dirtiest. Often people clean it with water or any cheap liquid. This can damage the screen of the smartphone. You should not clean the screen even with tissue paper. Whenever the screen is dirty, clean it with a microfiber cloth. With this you can clean the entire phone. Within minutes the layer of dust on the phone will be removed and the phone will start looking clean. This cloth will not harm the screen either.

2. Many times the phone suddenly falls out of the hand, due to which the glass on the screen breaks or gets cracked at some places. In such a situation, to keep the screen safe, always install a screen guard. This will keep the phone screen clean and also safe.

3. Being a touchscreen, the mobile screen gets dirty very quickly. Many times the phone does not work properly by touching it with fingers. To clean it, use a microfiber cloth (cleaning cloth for smartphones). Due to it being soft, there are no scratch marks on the screen. You will easily get this in the market. Do not apply excessive pressure while cleaning the screen. To clean the mobile, buy good quality liquid. Skin spray is also available in the market, you can use it to clean your smartphone.

4. Toothpaste can also be an option. If you do not have any of the things mentioned above, then apply a little toothpaste on the phone screen. Rub lightly and wipe with a soft cloth. With this, the screen will shine in a jiffy and will not get scratched.

5. Many times the phone does not work properly due to dust, soil, sand getting inside the phone. To clean the phone from inside, first remove the cover and battery. Clean it using compressed air. You can also remove the dirt inside the phone with a vacuum cleaner. Just turn it on, all the dirt will be absorbed into the machine by the air. You can also remove dirt by cleaning the phone lightly with a toothpick or earbud.

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