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The sisters of the earth have been found! Scientists discovered two planets, where life can flourish, know the whole matter

Scientists from all over the world are searching for such planets, where life like Earth is possible. They seem to be successful, but obstacles come. For example, many planets with mass like the Earth are very hot, so there is no oxygen anywhere. Now scientists seem to be getting a big success. Astronomers have discovered two such planets where life can be possible. These planets revolve around a red dwarf star. Their mass is equal to the Earth and the distance is only 16 light years.

As per reports, these planets exist at such a distance from their star, which is in the ‘habitable zone’. This area is neither very hot nor very cold. Liquid water can also remain at this place. Alejandro Suarez Mascareno, associated with the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC), has been involved in this study. He said, nature is trying to tell us that planets like Earth are very common.

However, one thing is important here. If a planet is located in the ‘habitable zone’, it does not mean that there is every possibility of life to flourish there. According to reports, both Mars and Venus are located in the ‘habitable zone’, but life is not present there today.

The planets discovered by the scientists revolve around the red star named GJ 1002 and are very close to it. That is why a planet named GJ 1002b orbits its star in just 10 days. At the same time, a planet named GJ 1002c also orbits its Sun in 21 days. The red dwarf star named GJ 1002 is very small compared to our Sun. According to scientists, this star is not very bright, that is why its ‘habitable zone’ is very close to the star.

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Because these planets are not very far from the Earth, so scientists can keep an eye on them in the future. By doing some more research, information about their environment can be found and then it will be known whether life is possible there or not. Keep in mind that both these planets are exoplanets. Exoplanets are those planets that revolve around stars other than the Sun.


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