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The ‘secret story’ of banning BGMI, know everything from the report of the security agency to the letter of the Ministry of Home Affairs

India’s security agencies and ministry have done a lot of thought to ban BGMI. Let us tell you the inside story of this entire process.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has been banned in India. According to the report, this gaming app has been banned from Google Play Store and Apple App Store due to Chinese connection. However, no official information has been revealed about it yet.

However, now a new report has come to light, according to which the Indian security agency had informed the Ministry of Home Affairs about BGMI ‘s Chinese connection and cyber threats from it. After this information, the Ministry of Home Affairs of India has written a letter to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (Meity) banning Battlegrounds Mobile India.

security agency report

According to a latest report, the Indian security agency wrote a letter to the Ministry of Home Affairs informing that the game was stealing user data, which was a major cyber threat to India. According to security agencies, this game could have done a big and targeted cyber attack on India by wrongly using users’ data.

home ministry letter

According to the report, a senior official of the ministry said that many shortcomings were also found in BGMI and the biggest among them was the game’s ability to communicate directly and indirectly with servers in China. In this report, quoting a source, it has been informed that in the coming time all such apps will be banned, which are communicating in any way with the servers located in China.

game flaws

According to the report, security agencies had analyzed all their information several times. This analysis found that BGMI contained many such malicious codes and demanded many permissions from the users, such as – camera, microphone, location, tracking and many other permissions.

…and got banned BGMI

According to the report, an official of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology informed that such apps pose a great threat to the sovereignty and integrity of India, which can harm India’s security. As soon as we came to know about this, we immediately after that without wasting any time Google was ordered to remove BGMI from the Play Store . Let us tell you that the official order to ban BGMI has not come from Meity yet, but its process has started.

what crafton said

In this case, BGMI developer Crafton has said that they are working to bring the game back. The company said in its statement that, India is a very good market for them. For Crafton, the security and privacy of user data matters the most. We have always complied with the rules and regulations of India including Protection Law and Regulations and we will continue to do so in future also.

Google’s statement

Now it remains to be seen what further talks between Crafton and the Indian government and whether Crafton will be able to bring its game BGMI back to India or not . On the other hand, Google has said in an official statement that they had received an order from the Government of India to ban BGMI from the Google Play Store, after which they banned the game from the Google Play Store.

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