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The Sealvans amphibious trailer is designed for travel on water and land

Founded in 2020, the Turkish company Sealvans introduced a line of trailer boats that can travel both on water and on land. In fact, we are talking about a hybrid vehicle that combines the functions of a motor home and a boat.

Sealvans itself calls its development an amphibious trailer that can be used as a boat. Now there are two versions – 4.2 and 7.5 meters long. The company offers both variants with a number of customizable options, including an all-electric powertrain. 

For overland travel, the Seal uses a fifth tow wheel. The trailer boat’s carrying capacity reaches 3000 kg. Outside, dark glazing is used to provide a panoramic view. The interior features faux or teak wood trim.


Inside there is everything you need for living: an electric stove, an 18-liter refrigerator and a two-chamber gas oven, as well as a single and double bed with orthopedic mattresses. There is also a bathroom with shower and toilet. The transformable boat can also be used outside – there are retractable tables on the side of its hull. 

The model featured in the video is a Honda gasoline engine, but Sealvans also offers fully electric versions of the motor with two built-in Pod Drive motors and an 8,960 Wh battery. The exact technical specifications and cost are still unknown.


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