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The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will not be a problem to repair. There is only one component to tinker with

The first disassembly video of the recently presented smartphone Samsung Galaxy S21 FE has appeared on the Web. As it turned out, it is quite easy to open it, so it should not cause problems in the repair.

As with most smartphones, the lid must be preheated to open. But there is no glass here, so in case of repair, the plastic cover is a big plus. Inside there are standard screws that do not require a special screwdriver. 5G antenna, motherboard and daughter board, cameras, loudspeaker – all of this is easy to reach, just unfasten the ribbon cable and unscrew the screw.

The screen also comes standard and its replacement will not cause any special problems, but what you have to tinker with is the battery: it is thoroughly glued in, and there are no special devices for its quick removal in this model. But this is the only problematic place in the Galaxy S21 FE. Apparently, in the official disassembly of iFixit, the smartphone will receive a high score for maintainability.

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