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The Russians will have plenty to choose from. Five models will be produced under the Moskvich brand

Under the Moskvich brand, Russia plans to produce five models – four crossovers and a sedan. This was announced by KamAZ, which is a technological partner of the Moscow plant.

“It is planned to produce five models under the Moskvich brand: in the product line four crossovers and one sedan”, the company said in a statement. There are no more details, but yesterday, during a visit to Moskvich by Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin demonstrated a possible line of three crossovers and one liftback. After the images were published in KamAZ, they were asked not to rush to conclusions – allegedly, only possible models are indicated in the presentation, but it is not a fact that they will go into series. All those cars were models of the Chinese brand JAC, a technology partner of KamAZ, but KamAZ itself indicates that negotiations are underway with other partners.

Already by the number of announced models, it becomes clear that in addition to yesterday’s “four” (if you still make the assumption of its launch in the series in full force), at least one more model will be launched into the series. What she is is still unclear. And this is definitely not an electric version of the JAC JS4 compact crossover (the very first one in the image), since at the start of production there is definitely no time for electric vehicles.

A full production cycle with welding and body painting at Moskvich is scheduled for 2024. As Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin clarified earlier, the production of cars at a plant in Moscow will begin in 2022, until 2024 it will be a SKD assembly.

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