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The Russian engine for competition with Unreal Engine and Unity has every chance to see the light of day. But will it be supported?

A number of major players in the Russian IT market, including VK, are discussing with the Ministry of Digital Development the prospects for developing a domestic game engine and the possibility of allocating state funding for it. According to Kommersant”, the issue is supervised by Deputy Minister Maxim Parshin.
An anonymous source said: “We plan to gather developers and in the future receive an approximate terms of reference from them in order to understand the scope of work and terms.” An interlocutor close to the government adds that the possibility of using the RFRIT grant support mechanism is being considered. Deputy General Director of Innotech Dina Gaizatullina confirms that state support for the development of the engine “with a competent approach to paperwork and taking into account the requirements of the grant competition” can be obtained from RFRIT and similar funds.


The RFRRIT grant “for the development of a domestic IT solution” usually amounts to 20–500 million rubles, but can reach 6 billion rubles. for high profile projects. To get it, you need to prove the compliance of the solution with the priority areas of support, among which there are gaming services.

Dina Gaizatullina

Back in May, the question was first raised about the need to develop a Russian engine that would compete with Unreal Engine and Unity. June 28 MP Anton Gorelkin wrote in his Telegram channelwhich sent a proposal to the Ministry of Digital Development to discuss with the market the mechanisms for creating an engine.
Sergey Matusevich, Director of Web Technologies Development at Artezio, adds that it is necessary to provide training for specialists who will work with the engine: “And here a very important point arises that the authors of such projects do not take into account – how many developers want to specialize in new tools? The value of developers, for example, on the Unreal Engine on the market is high, there are a lot of projects on it.”
In addition, game engines need the support of graphics card manufacturers to optimize their performance. It is far from obvious that Nvidia or AMD will want to adapt their products to the new Russian tool.
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