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The rules for purchasing SIM cards will change from January 1, you should also know the new order! Read

New SIM Card Rules 2024 : New year brings new changes. From 1 January 2024 SIM card There is going to be a change in the rules related to purchasing. Currently, if you want to buy a new SIM, you have to fill a paper form, give a photograph and also give hard documents of ID and address proof. These things will now become obsolete because from January 1, only digital KYC will be required when purchasing a SIM. According to media reports, the Department of Telecommunications has made this announcement. The purpose of this change is to simplify the process, reduce the cost of telecom companies and prevent fraud in the name of issuing SIM cards.

The new rule of the Telecom Department says that from January 1, only e-KYC will be done on purchasing SIM cards. This will benefit both customers and companies. Customers will not have to provide physical documents, while the expenses that telecom companies have to spend on verification will reduce.

According to reports, the new rules were announced this year, but their implementation was delayed. The new rules also say that verification of SIM card vendors is also necessary, which means now not everyone will be able to sell SIM cards. Telecom companies will have to register their franchisees, distributors and POS agents. Companies have been given specific time for this.

It is being told that this decision of the government has been welcomed by Jio including Airtel and Voda-Idea. The biggest reason for their happiness is the reduction in the expenses incurred in physical KYC. Not only this, the government will also get help in investigating SIM card fraud cases. It is noteworthy that thousands of people lose lakhs of rupees through SIM card fraud. Telecom companies have also been raising this issue.



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