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The robot got tired of working and committed suicide by jumping from the stairs

Why did the robot commit suicide?

Till now, only humans, animals and plants knew about being happy and sad, but a case has come to light from Central South Korea where a robot has tried to commit suicide by jumping from a staircase.

Till now you must have heard about machines malfunctioning or having short circuits in them, but after the robot’s suicide attempt, scientists are now considering it a subject of investigation and research.

What is the case of robot suicide?

A case of robot suicide has come to light in South Korea, where the Municipality of Central South Korea has announced that it will investigate the case of robot suicide, in which a robot has tried to commit suicide by jumping from the stairs.

Why did the robot commit suicide?

The robot that is being talked about as committing suicide used to help in municipal work. An official of the Central South Korea Municipal Corporation said that this robot had been helping the residents of Gumi city in administrative work for the past one year. Before jumping from the stairs, the robot did something that people are considering as a suicide.

The robot did this after reaching the stairs

According to eyewitnesses, when the robot reached the staircase of the municipal corporation office, it first looked around and then pushed itself onto the stairs of the office. After which the robot became inactive.

What did the robot do in the municipal office?

This robot worked from 9 am to 6 pm and had its own public service card. Unlike other robots that are limited to one floor, this one could call the elevator and go up and down the floors. In such a situation, people believe that the robot committed suicide due to work pressure. By the way, South Korea is known for its fascination for robots, where there is one robot for every ten employees. It has the highest number of robots in the world.

Can a robot commit suicide?

In this case, it was found that the robot was moving around in one place. After some time, it fell down from a staircase about 2 meters high and all its systems stopped working. Now the question arises whether a machine can commit suicide, this matter is currently being investigated. But one thing is clear that suicide is completely different in the case of humans and machines. As this is the first case of this kind, but even after all this, the robot can be repaired and activated and can be used. Its program can be changed, memory can be deleted and new work can be done from it again. Whereas in the case of humans, nothing can be done once the life is lost.


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