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The public criticized the first season of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

It’s been two months since the launch of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, but Rocksteady Studios and Warner Bros. are still trying to save the game from failure. Hoping to attract the attention of gamers, they added the Joker to the action movie, but the supervillain did not help matters. Moreover, his arrival only worsened the situation.

Suicide Squad has just launched its first season, and gamers are already unhappy. As it turned out, the developers reset the progress and hid the anti-hero behind the grind – to get a painted character, you need to raise the “Fear Episode Rank” to level 35. And since the authors haven’t added any new missions, this means replaying old tasks. The alternative is obvious: pay $10 to get access to a crazy clown.

The people, of course, did not appreciate such jokes. Reddit users are accusing Rocksteady of lying – they previously promised to provide free access to the first year’s content without any tricks.

As a person who specifically waited for the Joker to appear in order to try the game, I deleted it and don’t even think about returning to it. Goodbye $70. I’ve learned my lesson.

Let us remind you that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was released on January 30th. Few people liked the cooperative action because of the weak plot and bland gameplay in the worst traditions of service games.


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