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The phone will be charged by the lamp, the dustbin will open without touching it, know about these household items

New Delhi. In the last few years, there has been a technology revolution around the world. Today, the gadgets kept in the house are capable of doing many such things easily, which could not even be thought of 20 years ago. Some such gadgets have been launched in the market which will not only work to increase your productivity but will also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

portable desk lamp

With the help of this portable desk lamp, users can also wirelessly charge their smartphones, AirPods and smartwatches. This portable lamp does not take up much space on the desk of the users and is given on the touch control screen. This lamp is made of ABS material. It will get a Type C USB cable and this lamp can charge users’ smartphones and AirPods without any wires. However, USB will have to be used to charge the smartwatch. It can be used very easily at home or in the office and is priced at Rs.6499.

sensor dustbin

Whenever the thought of dustbin comes in your mind, you will start visualizing the box from a boring one, although you will not say so by looking at the sensor dustbin of The June Shop. This is a creative and cool dustbin. The special thing is that this dustbin senses the movement around it and then the motion sensor of this dustbin automatically opens the lid of the dustbin. Due to this, this dustbin opens without you touching the dustbin. This dustbin can be easily used at home, school, office, workplace or any such place. This special sensor dustbin is made from fiber. Its price is Rs 12,999.

Crystal Magnetic Lunar Table Lamp

This crystal magnetic lamp can also be used on a work desk, study table, center table or side table. Touch control base is seen in this. The crystal look of the glass constellation This Levitating Moon Lamp is very attractive to look at and can be seen as a top class product as home decoration. It can be easily placed in the living space, study room and bedroom of the house. If there is someone in your group who has to do a birthday party, house party or any other event at home, then it can also be given as a great gift. The price of this product is Rs.22,999.

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