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The Pentagon will not cover up extraterrestrial life if it is discovered

Pentagon officials, speaking to congressmen, assured that they would not hide the discovery of extraterrestrial life if it ever happened.

“There are structures in our government that are looking for life in other places, and they have been doing this for many decades, they are looking for extraterrestrial life”– said at an open hearing in the subcommittee of the select committee on intelligence of the House of Representatives of the Congress, Deputy Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Ronald Maltry. “We are part of the same government. And our task is not to hide something if we potentially find something, but to understand what might be beyond [нашей планеты]and explore what that could mean for us if there are any implications and implications for national security from a defense standpoint.”he assured.

One of the legislators asked Maltry why, then, some of the information at the UFO hearings, representatives of the Pentagon are ready to disclose only during the closed part, where classified information will be discussed. “What are we hiding?” he asked. In response, the US Deputy Secretary of Defense explained that the military department does not want to publicly disclose the methods by which information on UFOs is collected and analyzed, since similar technologies and procedures can be used in other areas related to national security.

In turn, US Navy Deputy Director of Intelligence Scott Bray told congressmen that a special task force created by the US Department of Defense to investigate cases of UFO sightings has not yet found any evidence of extraterrestrial origin of unidentified objects. “We do not have any material, and we in the target group did not record any phenomena that would indicate that this is something extraterrestrial in origin. But we will follow where the evidence leads us. We did not draw any conclusions as to what they [необъяснимые в настоящий момент случаи] are or are not. We are committed to understanding this.”he said.

US lawmakers on Tuesday held public hearings on UFO sightings for the first time in decades. A special task force formed in the US Department of Defense is studying these phenomena.

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