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The original DOOM turned into a ninja action game

Modders continue to experiment with the original DOOM and release their crazy but wonderful creations. This time the legendary shooter was reclassified into a third-person action game, and even about ninjas. At the same time, the martial artist still has to fight monsters and demons.

In DOOM Shinobi, the player will have to fight the fiends of hell in the role of a ninja, who is alien to the usual arsenal for a shooter. The character uses various types of melee weapons, including kunai and shuriken, and also uses skills such as deflecting enemy projectiles, running along walls, and double jumping. All this is accompanied by visual effects, and the interface has been replaced with a more suitable third-person game.

Although the original DOOM is extremely popular among modders and those who like to run games on the most unusual devices, in this regard the shooter is still inferior to another game – Minecraft. An entire DOOM-inspired campaign  with demons and a devastating arsenal has already appeared in the cubic sandbox .

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