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The only reason for this is that the original chargers of smartphones get damaged quickly

New Delhi: Original with the purchase of a new smartphone Charger True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing. Many chargers break down quickly when using a smartphone. So the company that got along with the smartphone Charger bad Due to this, duplicate chargers have to be purchased from the market within a few months. Money goes out and the charger doesn’t even get the original. Therefore, duplicate chargers also damage expensive smartphones. This is a very simple method to avoid. If you are suffering from this problem, do only one thing for it. While charging the smartphone, slowly and properly insert the charger pin into the mobile. So that the charger of your smartphone will not be damaged.

Also, if you often give the original charger of the smartphone to someone for charging, then the person in front of you does not know how to use the given charger. So how he uses that charger can cause your charger to malfunction. Because, everyone’s smartphone is a little different. Smartphones belong to different companies and different inches. This can damage the smartphone’s charger. If you avoid these two things, your charger will not be damaged. Use your smartphone charger manually. Don’t keep giving to others. Doing so can leave your original charger running for months.

Also, if someone is charging your smartphone too fast, stop doing so immediately. Because, doing so can damage the pin. If this stops working, your charger can run properly for many months. You will not need to purchase a new charger. Here are two key pointers in moving your charger. First of all, don’t give your charger to another person too often. Also, do not push the PIN too hard while charging the phone. Avoiding these things can keep your charger working properly for several days.


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