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«The obvious solution: make the battery replaceable». The editor of Fairphone criticized the statement of the heads of OnePlus about the senselessness of long-term support.

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Company Fairphone decided to respond to Statements OnePlus about senselessness very long support of smartphones From the point of view of updates.

photo: fairphone

Fairphone editor Miquel Ballester expressed the company’s position, which, of course, does not coincide with the position of OnePlus.


As creators of the Fairphone 2, the most long-lived Android device to date, and the still fresher Fairphone 5, offering eight years of guaranteed software support and striving for ten years, we sincerely agree that not subject to repair, the thin body of the device is not a justification. For intermediate commitments on software support.
It’s time for the industry as a whole to adopt more repairable designs for its devices.
For g-na lu [президент OnePlus] And for everyone who is worried that their phone’s battery does not last long, the solution should be obvious: make it replaceable.


Remember, Fairphone promotes its smartphones with the position of maximum durability. This concerns simple design, high repairability, sale of all necessary spare parts and at the same time maximum support through software updates. For example, the Fairphone 2 receives five years of Android updates, the Fairphone 3/3+ from 2019 will likely receive them until 2026, and for its new Fairphone 5 the company promises five years of Android updates and eight years of security updates, but adds, What will be tried to extend these periods to eight and ten years respectively.

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