Friday, February 23, 2024

The number of Indians going to Maldives is decreasing rapidly, this announcement of the government changed the game

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When PM Modi visited Lakshadweep, a Maldivian minister had given a controversial statement about the PM. After that Indian tourists started boycotting Maldives. He has suffered a lot due to this. Now the Government of India is going to do a new work. This will change the whole game. The Government of India has decided to promote other Indian islands like Lakshadweep. This information was given by the Finance Minister of the country herself in her interim speech given on 1 February. Now its effect has slowly started being seen on Maldives. There has been a huge decline in the number of Indian tourists visiting Maldives. This is the reason why China has left India behind and has become the top country in terms of tourists coming to Maldives.

Tourism Ministry gave information

This information has been given in the official data released here on Monday amid the diplomatic dispute between Maldives and India. According to the official data of the Ministry of Tourism of Maldives, China took the first place with 11.2 percent share with 23,972 tourists till February 4 in 2024. China was in third place in 2023. On the other hand, India, which was in first place in 2023, came to fifth place with 16,536 tourists in the data till February 4. So far this year, India has 7.7 percent share in the tourists coming to Maldives. This development could be a result of India’s reaction after three Maldivian ministers made derogatory comments against India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on social media.

this is how the game happened

The comments were made after Modi had posted pictures and videos during his visit to Lakshadweep in early January. Soon after the comment against Modi went viral, hundreds of social media users including celebrities of the country appealed to boycott tourism in Maldives. After this, many social media users and some travel companies claimed that a large number of Indians are canceling their scheduled trips to Maldives after the diplomatic dispute. According to data from the Maldives Tourism Ministry, more than 17 lakh tourists were to visit the island nation in 2023. Among these, Indian tourists were 2,09,198, Russian tourists were 2,09,146 and Chinese tourists were 1,87,118.

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