Monday, March 4, 2024

The next version of Windows is on the way. Qualcomm said that the new OS will be released in the middle of the year

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Head Qualcomm Cristiano Amon (Cristiano R. Amon), apparently, confirmed that this year we will wait for a new version of Windows. True, it cannot yet be said unequivocally that we are talking about Windows 12.


Coming to the event in its most prestigious quarterly report, Amon said that the new product Qualcomm will release together with the new version of Windows.


Our products are planned to launch simultaneously with devices equipped with the next version of the operating system Microsoft Windows, which will include many of the functions of Windows AI. We continue to follow the release schedule, synchronized with Microsoft, which falls on mid-2024, in preparation for the school season


Under the new products Qualcomm means first of all the SoC Snapdragon X Elite, designed for mobile PCs. And what is for the next version of Windows is not yet known. This can be like Windows 12, which was already scheduled for release this year, or the major update Windows 11, which will bring many new features related to AI.

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