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The next stage of development of the Venera-D automatic interplanetary station for the study of Venus has been completed. This will be a unique mission.

Today, Roscosmos announced the completion of the next stage of development of the space complex for the study of Venus “Venera-D”. As reported, the technical proposal for the complex was approved by the scientific and technical council of NPO Lavochkin (part of Roscosmos), after which it was recommended to send it for further examination to the leading research organizations of the rocket and space industry.

The Venera-D mission involves a long-term study of Venus using a wide range of scientific equipment that will be installed on orbital, atmospheric and landing vehicles.

The goal of the project is to continue at a new technical level the research carried out in the 1960-90s by Soviet and American space stations. Over the years, a large amount of data has been accumulated regarding the structure and composition of the atmosphere, the cloud layer, wind speeds, and soil composition on the planet’s surface. However, many issues related to the dynamics of the atmosphere, the problems of superrotation, the giant greenhouse effect, the evolution of Venus, and others remained unresolved.

The research conducted by the Venera-D complex is unique and is not solved by other foreign missions announced for the next decade.

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