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The new vivo smartphone changes color under the sun. How does it look and work?

The vivo V23 has many interesting features, such as a 50-megapixel camera and the ability to expand the RAM. But if you want to appreciate the most spectacular feature of the smartphone, take a look at the Solar Spectrum coloring. The thing is that this version changes its appearance under the influence of ultraviolet light.

Vivo's new smartphone changes color under the sun

How it works?

The lid is covered with a thin photochromic layer, which is sensitive to ultraviolet light. Thanks to this, he does not let light through himself, but absorbs it, becoming darker – for a while.

The technology is not new. For example, the photochromic layer has long been used in eyeglass lenses. It works like this: the owner of the accessory goes outside on a sunny day, looks at the sky – and immediately his glasses are covered with a dark layer, protecting his eyes. In smartphones, this is more of a decorative solution, but it’s still interesting to play with it.

The first smartphone with a glass photochromic cover

Let’s make a reservation right away: vivo V23 is not the first gadget with a chameleon cover. This has already happened in vivo s10, but there the back is made of plastic, and here it is tempered glass. Contrary to expectations, it is not smooth, but slightly rough. It’s even better: it doesn’t slip and the tactile sensations are more pleasant.

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What does it look like in action?

In order for the cover to change color, it must be substituted under the sun’s rays. In cloudy weather, you can use an ultraviolet flashlight. First, we turned the upper part of the smartphone to the luminary – it immediately became covered with a uniform greenish tan. The effect lasts for 7 minutes – just enough to demonstrate to everyone around.

Then armed with a flashlight. To make it more interesting, we took a stencil – in a matter of seconds, vivo V23 adorned the silhouettes of a squirrel, a hedgehog and a duck. The drawings lasted about five minutes, after which the back of the smartphone became evenly golden. You can draw again!

Vivo's new smartphone changes color under the sun

What is the result

It seems that a new trend is being born right in front of our eyes – and vivo is leading it. Of course, photochromic lids are not the greatest innovation. However, there are no bright new products on the smartphone market for a long time, so we meet even such an innovation with interest. In the meantime, vivo V23 in Solar Spectrum seems like the best option if you want not only a decent smartphone, but also an amusing gadget that you can surprise people with.

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