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The new sighting system of the Ka-52M helicopter will expand the possibilities of using weapons at night

According to TASS, citing a source in the military-industrial complex, the combat power of the upgraded Ka-52M helicopter will be increased thanks to a new sighting system that will allow effective use of weapons at night.

The combat effectiveness of the Ka-52M helicopter will be significantly increased by installing a modernized sighting system, which will expand the possibilities of using weapons at night. The range of detection and recognition of the target of the thermal imaging channel of the upgraded sight has been doubled.




Such improvements were made using the Syrian experience, when helicopters were mainly used at night. There, the Ka-52 used anti-tank guided missiles “Whirlwind” with a maximum range of about 8 kilometers to hit targets.
The modernization of the helicopter will also allow the use of new guided weapons: “Work is underway to install the Safar radar station, and work is underway to increase the range of the Whirlwind missile to 10 km.”
Earlier it became known that the Ka-52M helicopter received a new protection system against all modern portable anti-aircraft missile systems. Developments in the field of materials science made it possible to increase its security without radical weighting. In addition, the helicopter will be able to work together with unmanned aerial vehicles and interact with other helicopters and aircraft. For this, a ground control point is being developed.
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