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The new Intel processor will take Bitcoin mining to a new level. The company will release the most energy-efficient CPU for ASIC systems

At ISSCC, scheduled for the end of February, Intel will unveil “Bonanza Mine: An Energy Efficient Ultra-Low Voltage Bitcoin Mining ASIC”. This is the topic of the report, and it also reveals the essence of the novelty. All technical details will be revealed in a month, but the source already has the key parameters of Bonanza Mine or the BZMZ2 processor. And they look very interesting.

The BZM2 chip is designed specifically to work with the SHA-256 hashing algorithm. It will be produced by the company itself using a 7-nanometer process technology. The crystal area is 14.16mm2, frequency – 1.6 GHz. Its performance is 137 GH / s with a consumption of only 2.5 watts. For comparison, the Bitmain S19j Pro 104T uses 270 GH/s and 8W processors, while the MicroBT WhatsMiner M30S++ uses 252 GH/s and 7.8W chips. It turns out that the Intel processor consumes one and a half to two times less energy with the same performance as its competitors. That is, a system similar to Bitmain S19j Pro 104T, with the same performance of 104 TH / s, will consume not 3.1 kW, but slightly less than 2 kW. This promises a significant reduction in electricity costs.

The source gives only this data, but Intel BZMZ2 will exist in two versions. And it is possible that the other will be even more energy efficient. True, the question of the cost of an ASIC system based on BZMZ2 remains, but we will find out these data only after the official premiere and the announcement of finished products.

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