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The new Apple Watch will be more expensive than the iPhone Pro 13, the features are heavier than one

New Delhi:The ‘Extreme Sports’ version of Apple Watch is being prepared for launch. The new version will be launched along with other versions of the smartwatch. It can also be called ‘Pro’. As Apple has named the updated version of its Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets and Earphones as Pro. The new look of Apple Watch can be called Apple Watch Max, Apple Watch Explorer Edition or Apple Watch Extreme.

It will also have ‘Pro’ features, Tipster said. As will the Shatter-Resistant display. This has increased the price so much. This watch will be more expensive than the iPhone 13 Pro. Along with that, its features will be very similar to ‘Pro’ models. These features are found in MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, and iPhone Pro. Its features are also much better than the regular Apple Watch.

According to information received from Tipster, the ‘Extreme Sports’ version of the Apple Watch has been codenamed N199 within the company. Along with that the company can now name the new watch Pro. If so, it will be the first smartwatch to be launched by the company. Apple also uses ‘Pro’ with its flagship phones. According to reports, the company may add to it everything that is not included in the watch list.

In addition to the Shatter-Resistant Display, it will have Hiking and Swim Tracking Options. It comes with a large battery life and non-aluminum metal material. This means that the new Apple Watch will compete directly with the premium Garmin wearables. The Pro Model offers tremendous performance. It will have a bigger screen and the price will be higher. It may cost more than the iPhone Pro.

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