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The new anti-tank gun 2S25M “Octopus-SDM-1” received shells with remote detonation

The industrial director of the Rostec weapons complex, Bekhan Ozdoev, said that the new Russian self-propelled anti-tank gun 2S25M Sprut-SDM-1 received shells with remote detonation.

Unlike its predecessor, the new version of the vehicle was able to fire high-explosive fragmentation ammunition with remote detonation, which significantly increased the effectiveness of the fight against light fortifications and enemy manpower.

Bekhan Ozdoev

Projectiles with remote detonation explode at the required point of the trajectory calculated by the fire control system (FCS) of the self-propelled gun. Such shells are very effective when hitting a well-entrenched enemy. The ammunition explodes at the right moment and does not fly over.

The 2S25M Sprut-SDM-1 cannon also allows the use of modern armor-piercing sub-caliber, cumulative and high-explosive fragmentation shells with a direct fire range of up to 5 kilometers.
The Sprut-SD airborne self-propelled anti-tank gun (Object 952) was developed at the design bureau of the Volgograd Tractor Plant and Yekaterinburg OKB-9. The new model, Sprut-SDM-1, received new sighting devices with television and thermal imaging channels, a more powerful engine and fire control system, and its undercarriage was improved.
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