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The neural network wrote a review of Elden Ring, and it is a masterpiece [VIDEO]

Neural networks are developing rapidly, but they are still far from reaching the level of gaming journalists. Attempts by artificial intelligence to write a review of Elden Ring were shown by the author of the Nomad Bones channel.

Of course, it will be difficult for an uninitiated person to form an impression of the game from this review. However, the neural network managed to very accurately capture some subtleties that cannot be found in a profile review. For example:

The game goes out of its way to pretend it’s from a third-person perspective.

The simultaneous release of the game in all regions had a positive effect on the number of seeds and peers.

The developers acted dishonestly: they created a whole beautiful world, and they allowed us to create one ugly character.

The plot is reminiscent of history lessons in a modern school.

Inspired by toilet paper, the developers made the map two-layer.

NPCs have problems with socialization: they do not communicate with you, but read out the text they have learned.

Now about the combat system. Was it in vain that I cried for hours, lying on the floor in the library with guides?

Let us remind you that Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree will be released on June 21, so the neural network will have a reason to return to hardcore role-playing action and share the results of new research with the public.


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