Thursday, May 30, 2024
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The neural network Sora “filmed” its first music video [VIDEO]

An unusual video has surfaced on the OpenAI YouTube channel, entirely generated by the Sora proprietary neural network. It is dedicated to the composition “Worldweight” by musician August Kamp. The author shared his thoughts on the outcome.

Sora stands out as one of the most advanced neural networks for video creation today. It is currently undergoing closed beta testing, with only selected testers and the OpenAI company itself able to share its results.

“…I was fortunate enough to be able to express my emotions through a song — something that could encapsulate them in a manner that I no longer needed to keep them bottled up inside. When I played, I closed my eyes, a rarity for me… But with closed eyes, I envisioned the scenes in my mind. In my opinion, this is where Sora excels — it recreated these images that I had harbored within for two years and said, ‘August, we can share these with friends’… In essence, this is how the song has always ‘appeared.’ I’m just revealing it to you now,” shared August Kamp in the video description.

The current outcome of the video generation showcases the capabilities of the neural network. While the overall picture appears natural, there are inaccuracies in the details. Occasionally, objects blend into one another, and the shape of static objects may change unexpectedly. Graphics professionals had previously demonstrated additional capabilities of Sora.


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