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The most popular social network among Russians named

The report discusses how social networks are implemented as a means of public communication and their impact on public opinion. According to the report, by the number of authors per month and the most popular among users is Instagram – 38.1 million, Vkontakte remains the most “writing” resource – 408.8 million messages per month. At the same time, the number of authors on Vkontakte per month is 23.8 million, the number of messages written on Instagram is 135.3 million.

Also, the TOP-7 of the report by the number of active authors included, but with a sharp decline, YouTube – 8.5 million, Odnoklassniki – 5.1 million, TikTok – 4 million, Facebook – 2.9 million and Twitter – 0.6 million authors per month.

By the number of messages: Odnoklassniki – 88.5 million, Twitter – 31.1 million, Youtube – 28.1 million, Facebook – 22.5 million, TikTok – 8.5 million.

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