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The most popular gaming PC configuration, according to Steam, has been published

Valve has published information about the most popular configuration among users of the digital distribution service Steam, as well as preferred operating systems.

So, the 64-bit version of Windows 10 lost 3.49% of users in a month, but still ranks first with 65.42%. At the same time, Windows 11 continues to poach Windows 10 users, adding 5.05% in a month to 28.42%. As for processors, 6-core solutions are in the lead (33.03%), and 4-core processors are in second place (29.8%).

More than half of users (51.85%) have equipped their computers with 16 GB of RAM, while only 13.93% of users have 32 GB of RAM installed in their PCs. The most popular video card is the Nvidia GTX 1650, which is installed in the PC by 5.99% of users. Nvidia graphics cards are installed in 75.69% of Steam users, while AMD graphics cards are chosen by 15.15% of gamers.

96.15% of Steam users choose Windows, while Apple’s macOS comes in second at 2.48% and Linux is third at 1.38%.

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According to published statistics from Steam DBcalendar year 2022 set a record for the number of new games that appeared in the digital distribution service for PC games.


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