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The most popular electronics brands in Russia in 2021 are Apple, Samsung, LG, Redmi and HP

M.Video-Eldorado analysts summed up the results of the electronics market in 2021 in Russia and highlighted the key consumer trends in the Russian market.

The top ten most popular brands among Russians were Apple, Samsung, LG, Redmi, HP, Bosch, Mi (Xiaomi), Asus, Haier and Lenovo. Analysts single out “home-centricity”, comfort and personalization as the main consumer trends in the Russian market of technology and electronics in 2021.

Smartphones, home commodities, entertainment and “remote” lifestyle products, associated with the pandemic, as well as innovative categories, such as “smart home”, which are growing faster than the average market rates, showed the most active growth compared to last year.

In most product categories, the Russians showed the maximum demand in price segments above the average – consumers prefer to invest in more expensive and productive equipment. About 55% of the turnover of the electronics market falls on traditional sales and about 45% – online, this ratio has remained almost at the level of last year.

At the end of 2021, smartphone sales increased by more than 25% in monetary terms and reached about 720 billion rubles. The highest dynamics was shown by smartphones from 50,000 rubles – sales increased year-on-year by about 70% in units. At the same time, for the first time in 10 years, push-button phones demonstrated positive dynamics in quantitative terms (growth by 4%, to 6.8 million units) due to interest among migrants, the elderly and children, popularity as a replacement for a landline telephone and users who are worried about the safety of data .


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