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The most gut-friendly foods listed

As the specialist noted, immunity depends on the state of the intestine, because 70% of immune cells are located in its mucous membrane. An unhealthy diet can lead to intestinal malfunction and poor overall health. Therefore, it is important to eat right, especially since healthy food is not something exotic.

Freeling named the most beneficial foods for the intestines:

  • Black bread… Contains fiber, which is good for the immune system, and carbohydrates important for the body.
  • Sauerkraut… Fights pathogens, starts fermentation processes and keeps intestinal mucosa healthy.
  • Jacket potatoes… Potato peel contains butyric acid, which protects the intestinal mucosa.
  • A fish… Fatty acids of fish nourish the mucous membrane, strengthen the immune system.
  • Bananas… They contain inulin, which affects the growth of protective bacteria; in general, bananas contribute to the development of beneficial intestinal microflora.
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