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The most beautiful word in the world, frozen puck and dolphinoplasty. Named the most popular voice requests

Experts from VK (the former Group) found out what they most often asked Marusya and what unusual questions the branded voice assistant managed to deal with.

Most often – 306 times – in March, users asked Marusya about the most beautiful word in the world (this is the word Yakamoz). Marusya was asked 80 times about black. And closing the top three is a request to talk about GTA V – this was asked 62 times in March. 55 times “Marusya” talked about the style of electronic music “house” and 45 times answered the question “Who is Jeff the Killer?”.

The VK voice assistant also had to receive unusual questions. So, users were interested in:

  • Who is Sirenhead? (This is a mysterious 12-meter cryptid humanoid that makes the sounds of sirens);
  • How many sheep do you need to count to fall asleep? (If everything is done correctly, then you can fall asleep already in the fifth or sixth decade);
  • Why freeze the puck? (For her to behave properly on the ice)
  • Where do crayfish hibernate? (In burrows at the bottom of reservoirs);
  • How to become a dolphin (do a dolphin surgery like Gerald Broflovski in the first episode of the ninth season of South Park).
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