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The most anticipated smartphone of 2021 – HONOR 50

The capacity of the built-in battery is 4300 mAh, which is not very much against the background of the now widespread 5K models. In a mixed load mode, and especially if you play something like Genshin Impact or League of Legends: Wild Rift during the day, the battery may not be enough for a late evening. However, the presence of a proprietary 66 W fast charge closes the issue with the battery capacity. It charges up to 100% in 50 minutes, and 20 minutes is enough to gain energy up to 70% from scratch. In general, even short plugging during the day provides a decent amount of energy.

Magic UI 4.2. How are you doing with the software?

The Magic UI 4.2 shell based on Android 11 will generally be familiar to those who have previously had experience with HONOR smartphones. Yes, something has changed, such as the curtain for quick settings and notifications, and now there is no global search by swipe from the home screen. But in general, it is a nice and user-friendly interface with great customization and customization options. Google services, as I said, have returned to HONOR smartphones in full, from the app store to contactless payment.

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