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The Ministry of Defense has opened documents on the defeat of the Nazis at Stalingrad

The documents were unveiled in honor of the 79th anniversary of the start of Operation Uranus, in a multimedia section “Stalingrad turning point. The battle that changed the course of the Great War ”on the website of the Defense Ministry.

The documents testify to the negotiation of the surrender of the fascists and to the fact that the German commanders did not dare to convey the ultimatums of the Soviet side to the high command for fear of being accused of cowardice and execution. But after the German media began to keep silent about the real situation of the troops near Stalingrad, such reports became widespread and the commander of the 6th Army, Colonel-General Paulus, decided to surrender, otherwise it would have led to new losses in the German troops.

The Battle of Stalingrad took place from July 17, 1942 to February 2, 1943. The Stalingrad strategic offensive operation “Uranus” is a Soviet counteroffensive launched on November 19, 1942.

As a result, the Red Army surrounded and defeated the German 6th Army. Also, the operation led to the destruction of two German, the defeat of two Romanian and one Italian army. According to historians, the losses of the Axis countries amounted to more than 800 thousand soldiers and officers.

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