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The man was fined and given a suspended sentence for textbooks sold illegally on the Internet

Over the past several years, the Danish anti-piracy group Rights Alliance has been tracking those allegedly profiting from the sale of pirated textbooks. These books are quite expensive and sometimes students simply don’t have the means to buy them legally. Therefore, some businessmen offer to buy pirated copies at a discounted price.

This is what the 28-year-old Dane did. He sold digital textbooks through the country’s largest online marketplace.

First, the anti-piracy group succeeded in removing the textbook advertisements, and then contacted the man and asked him to stop the copyright infringing activity. It did not help. The man created new profiles and the sale of e-textbooks continued on the same online platform.

Then the Rights Alliance turned to law enforcement agencies. The man was reported to have put 51 electronic textbooks up for sale. He sold books at below market prices. The man was given a month’s probation, and was also asked to pay compensation to the copyright holders.

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