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The main disadvantages of modern computer cases

When choosing a modern case, computer owners often have to make a choice between several parameters, as well as take into account a number of disadvantages. Some of them were noted by the author.

First of all, it is a choice between large dimensions and compactness. The former include Boeng housings, the latter – Ultrafx.

There is also one important negative trend in the construction of new buildings. This is the lack of 5-inch bays in the front of the case. Some may argue that such compartments are simply not needed in modern conditions. But this is not so: there are still users who need, like the author of the material, such an add-on. For example, the bays can be useful if you need a BD-RW drive, if you need to insert an external panel from a sound card, or if you need to use analog fan control.

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