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The magic of this car has been talking head-on for 90 days, the models are selling fast in the showroom, priced at Rs 5.18 lakh

New Delhi.
Maruti Suzuki WagonR (Maruti Suzuki WagonR) has proved its supremacy in the first month of the year. Last month it was the best selling car in the country. WagonR last month in terms of sales of cars like Hyundai Creta (Hyundai Creta), Tata Nexon (Tata Nexon), Maruti Baleno (Maruti Nexa Baleno), Maruti Suzuki Swift (Maruti Suzuki Swift), Kia Seltos (Kia Seltos) Got slammed The dominance of WagonR can be understood in such a way that for the last 90 days, this car has remained number 1 in terms of sales. Earlier in October last year, Maruti Suzuki Alto (Maruti Suzuki Alto) was the best selling car in the country. Since then, Maruti WagonR has never given any other car a chance to win the best selling title.

There has been a riot in the showroom since 90 days

Maruti Suzuki’s WagonR was bought by 16,853 customers in the month of November last year. At the same time, 19,729 models of Maruti Suzuki WagonR were sold in the month of December. Whereas, 20,334 customers bought it last month. That is, Maruti WagonR has kept the title of best selling for the last 90 days.

How many people bought WagonR in 30 days?

Maruti Suzuki WagonR was bought by 20,334 customers in the first month of the year, which is an increase of 18 per cent over the month of January last year. Let us tell you that in January 2021, 17,165 customers of Maruti Suzuki’s WagonR were bought. Not only this, the sales of this car have also increased compared to the month of December. It was bought by 19,729 customers in December 2021.

Maruti Suzuki Swift claims number two


Last month, Maruti Suzuki Swift was the second best-selling car in the country after Maruti WagonR. It was bought by 19,108 customers in the month of January. That is, there is a difference of 1,226 units in the sales of WagonR and Maruti Suzuki Swift. That is, compared to Maruti Swift, WagonR was bought by 1226 customers last month.

Starting price below Rs.6 lakh


The starting Delhi ex-showroom price of Maruti Suzuki WagonR in the Indian market is Rs 5.18 lakh, which goes up to Rs 6.58 lakh on its top-end variant.

Maruti WagonR gives good mileage of up to 22 kmpl


Its petrol model gives excellent mileage of up to 22.79 kmpl. At the same time, the Maruti Suzuki WagonR CNG gives a mileage of 32.52 km per kg. The starting price of its CNG model is Rs 6.13 lakh, which goes up to Rs 6.19 lakh.

This car comes in 8 variants with two engines


Maruti WagonR comes in two engines in the Indian market. Customers can buy it in a total of 8 variants.

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