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The magic of iPhone 14 Plus did not work, pre-booking was less than iPhone 13 mini


The iPhone 14 Plus has received very few orders as compared to the iPhone 13 Pro.
The decrease in demand for the iPhone 14 Plus is bad news for Apple.
The reduction in demand for the iPhone 14 model can also affect the company’s profit.

New Delhi. We were all expecting that the iPhone 14 Plus would make a splash as soon as it hit the market. However this did not happen. The iPhone 14 Plus has received very few orders as compared to the iPhone 13 Pro. Not only this, the company discontinued the 5.4-inch Mini model due to two years of slow sales. The company believed that the Mini model was impacting the sales of non-Pro iPhones. However, looking at the result of pre-orders of the iPhone 14 Plus, Apple’s strategy seems to have failed.

Noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported that the number of orders for the iPhone 14 Pro Max and 14 Pro have come down compared to their 13 Pro models, while the pre-booking figures for the regular iPhone 14 models also came down to the iPhone 13 and 13. Mini is less. This shows that this time Apple’s strategy has not been successful. He further said that even though the product has improved, the supply of Apple’s standard iPhone 14 variant is likely to be less.

bad news for apple
Ming said that pre-order sales are worse than the 13 Mini and even the 2022 SE model and that Apple has cut orders for both the phones in the first half of this year. He said that the decrease in demand for iPhone 14 Plus is bad news for Apple. Looking at the current sales performance of the phone, if sales do not pick up after the launch, then the company can reduce the shipment of the phone.

profit will be affected
Ming explained that this will have an impact on the profits of the suppliers – those who do not supply parts for the Pro model. Suppliers may see a fall in revenue in September or October. Apart from this, the poor demand for the regular iPhone 14 model can also affect Apple’s profit.

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iPhone 14 price hike
If we talk about the sale of the standard iPhone 14 and especially the Plus model, then there are many reasons for this. These include lack of changes such as slightly better cameras, crash detection, no new chips. Apart from this, the company has axed its own foot by not making much difference in the prices of Apple 14 Plus and 14 Pro. There is only $100 difference between the two phones in the US.

iPhone 13 lineup price cut
Apple has not only kept the iPhone 13 and 13 Mini in the lineup but has also cut their price by $100 in Malaysia. Due to the reduction in the prices of the old models, people have not paid attention to the features of the iPhone 14. At the same time, the company has introduced the iPhone 14 at increased prices in most of the markets.



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