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The loophole was closed: Sony “froze” PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscriptions around the world

Sony has temporarily stopped users from renewing their PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscriptions. Many users around the world are complaining about this.

Apparently, Sony is preparing in this way for the transition to more expensive upgraded PlayStation Plus Premium subscriptions, the launch of which will begin from May 23 in Asia and will gradually reach Europe and, possibly in RussiaJune, 22.

Current PlayStation Plus subscribers who attempt to renew their subscription through the online PlayStation Store are greeted with a cryptic message: “Unable to purchase; cannot be added to cart; you have already purchased this item. Social media and forum users have reported similar issues when using physical PlayStation Plus prepaid cards to renew their subscriptions.

Meanwhile, PlayStation Now subscriptions are no longer available for purchase from the PlayStation Store. The area of ​​the store page that previously listed a PlayStation Now subscription now displays the message “PlayStation Now will change soon to merge with PlayStation Plus” and offers a link to the FAQ page.

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According to ArsTechnica, Sony took such a step so that users would not buy PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscriptions “for years to come”, subsequently taking advantage of their automatic conversion to the updated format.

According to the PlayStation FAQ, existing PlayStation Plus subscriptions will be upgraded to the PlayStation Plus Essential tier, which costs $9.99 per month or $59.99 per year. In the meantime, existing PlayStation Now subscriptions will be converted to the PlayStation Plus Premium tier for $17.99/month or $119.99/year.

According to Sony, gamers using both PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus will be upgraded to the more expensive Premium tier with “a new single billing date based on which subscription ends last.” The FAQ also explains that any and all “accumulated” time of these subscriptions will be converted without restriction.

Savvy users could subscribe to PlayStation Now for just a few months ($9.99/month) and then purchase years of PlayStation Plus subscription for $59.99/year. In June, all accumulated PlayStation Plus time would have been converted into a PlayStation Plus Premium subscription worth $119.99 per year.


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