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The Line skyscraper city has finally begun to be built [VIDEO]

Is it possible today to build a structure comparable in scale to the Great Wall of China or the Pyramids of Giza? The authors of The Line project believe so. Saudi Arabia has already begun implementation of perhaps the world’s largest project – the construction of a 170-kilometer skyscraper city.


The Line is a huge residential complex planned to house approximately nine million people, comparable to the population of New York City. The length of such a “city” will be 170 km, height – 500 m, and width – 200 m. Its infrastructure will include railway tracks for high-speed trains, a sports stadium, vertical farms, public canteens, a marina and much more.

They first started talking about it in the summer of 2022, but then The Line was perceived only as an ambitious project. Despite criticism from experts, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman approved the implementation of The Line. Now the construction of a futuristic residential complex is in full swing, as confirmed by a fresh video from the authors of the project. 

The first construction work has already begun. Now contractors are preparing the soil for the subsequent laying of the foundation. Work is carried out around the clock, and during the week, builders have to move millions of cubic meters of soil and water. The first phase of construction of The Line is scheduled to be completed by 2030.


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