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The legendary torrent tracker is back: Demonii is working again

The cult torrent tracker Demonii has resumed its work on the network again. It existed for a long time, but in 2015 it was closed due to pressure from the copyright holders. This tracker is notable in that it does not use its own indexer and does not have a directory or forum for exchanging torrent files, as implemented by PirateBay or RuTracker. To use Demonii, you need to add its address to the list of trackers of a particular torrent file.

Apparently, the restart took place imperceptibly, only those who support old distributions paid attention to it. According to TorrentFreak, immediately after the launch, the tracker showed 3 million active peers (participants in the distribution), of which there were 1.3 million seeds (distributors). At that time, the system supported 1.8 million hands.

A certain user under the pseudonym Suni is responsible for restarting Demonii. The source calls him a “veteran of the BitTorrent scene” and clarifies that he has previously managed similar resources, including myBittorent and Fenopy.

Suni himself, in a conversation with TorrentFreak, noted that Demonii was one of the most reliable torrent trackers in the world. Also, according to him, the YIFY group, which owned the tracker, did not want to give away the domain and related resources. And then at some point she just sent Suni the password.

Note that earlier in Russia risen interest in torrent trackers.

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