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The launch of the Boeing Starliner spacecraft costs $345 million, the SpaceX Crew Dragon costs $210 million. And the Russian “Unions” are even more accessible, according to Roskosmos

At the head economic research institute of Roskosmos, Agat Organizations continue to share interesting data from the world of the space industry. Earlier, the organization said when rockets become public transportand now the institute reported that the transport system based on the Russian manned spacecraft Soyuz MS is more economically profitable than flying on American SpaceX Crew Dragon or Boeing Starliner spacecraft.

The organization said the cost of launching Starliner is $345 million and Crew Dragon is $210 million. The crew of each ship is four people, so the launch of one astronaut costs 87 and 53 million, respectively. The Starliner could carry more cargo, and in the future carry up to seven people, so the cost of the “seat” could drop to $50 million. But even taking this into account, Soyuz MS is more economically profitable.

Already, the transport system based on the Soyuz MS transport manned spacecraft is cost-effective, and the price for astronauts or space tourists largely depends on additional services and market conditions.“, – noted at the institute. Agata stressed that, according to the design, the cost of launching astronauts on the Orel manned spacecraft after its completion will be further reduced.

Earlier, the press service of “Agata” reported that the estimated cost of a flight to the moon on a Russian ship is four times lower than on an American. As clarified at the institute, this indicator was achieved through the effective use of the backlog of Soviet programs and the initial development, carried out on the basis of economic considerations.

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