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The latest iPhone 14 Pro was slower than the iPhone 13 in the first test

Yesterday, Apple introduced the iPhone 14 smartphones, today the first test of the iPhone 14 Pro appeared on the Web – the Geekbench benchmark was launched on the device. The result was somewhat disappointing: based on a multi-threaded test, the latest iPhone 14 Pro is inferior to the iPhone 13.

In the single-threaded test, the iPhone 14 Pro scored 1879 points, and in the multi-threaded test it scored 4664 points. For comparison, the results of the iPhone 13 are 1728 and 4790 points. For what reason the iPhone 14 Pro turned out to be slower than the younger model of the previous generation is not clear.

The latest iPhone 14 Pro was slower than the iPhone 13 in the first test

The latest SoC A16 Bionic is used only in two models of the new line – iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. It is produced by TSMC in the 5nm N4 process, which is more advanced than the 5nm N5 in the A15. Switching to the N4 allowed the A16 Bionic to pack 16 billion transistors, a billion more than the A15.

In the new SoC, Apple did not change anything drastically, instead focusing on achieving greater energy efficiency. According to the company, the high-performance CPU cores (there are two of them) consume 30% less than similar cores in the A15. And small CPU cores (there are four of them) are three times more energy efficient compared to similar “competitor” cores. Other features of the A16 include a 50% increase in GPU memory bandwidth.

In general, on paper, the new SoC really should be faster than the A15, but in reality, everything is not so clear. Moreover, the gap from Android platforms is decreasing: the same MediaTek Dimensity 9000 is gaining 1278 and 4410 points in Geekbench. Given that the new top-end Qualcomm and MediaTek platforms are coming out in a few months, Android flagships with iPhone 14 Pro performance may appear as early as the end of this year or early next year.

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