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The latest hybrid crossover Huawei Aito M7 is in great demand in China. Over 60,000 pre-orders completed in three days

Huawei has shared order statistics for its Aito M7 large hybrid, Huawei’s second vehicle after the Aito M5 midsize crossover. We already wrote that in the first two hours, 10,000 orders were placed for the novelty. As it turned out, in four hours the volume of orders was already 20,000, in 48 hours – 50,000, in 72 hours – 60,000. The excitement, of course, is not the same as in the case of the Tesla Cybertruck, but for a completely new expensive between $47,780 and $56,750) of an ICE car in the highly competitive Chinese market, this is definitely a success rate.

We wrote in detail about this car five days ago – on the day of the announcement. Now just briefly recall that the power reserve of this 5-meter crossover, designed for six, reaches 1220 km. Maximum power (versions with all-wheel drive) – 449 hp, it takes only 4.8 s to accelerate to 100 km / h. And then there is the maximum safety rating, L2 + level autonomous driving system and many comfort options.

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