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The last solar eclipse of the year will be on October 25, know the timing of the eclipse in India, watch live online like this

On Tuesday, October 25, a partial solar eclipse will be visible on Earth. This will be the last solar eclipse of this year. Apart from Europe, West Asia and Northeast Africa, it can also be seen in most areas of India. This is a great opportunity for those who are interested in the happenings in the sky. Wherever this solar eclipse is visible, people can see this sight with their own eyes. Apart from this, the solar eclipse can be seen live online for free. How, let’s know.

solar eclipse time in india

partial solar eclipse beginning It will be from 2:28 pm Indian time on October 25, when the Moon will pass in front of the Sun. This eclipse will end at 6:31 pm. If your city is not covering this eclipse or due to some reasons like bad weather, you can not see the solar eclipse, then you can watch it live online.

Through ‘Virtual Telescope Project 2.0’, people will be able to watch the partial solar eclipse from their homes and offices on October 25. This eclipse will be filmed from Rome, Italy. clicking this link You can watch the partial solar eclipse live. The mobile observatory team of this website will also live stream the partial eclipse. It can also be seen on YouTube channel.

When does solar eclipse occur

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun. It casts a shadow on our planet and completely or partially blocks the sunlight. The partial eclipse of October 25 is the second partial eclipse of 2022. Earlier on April 30, a partial eclipse was seen.

Solar eclipse does not happen simultaneously on the whole earth

A partial solar eclipse or a total solar eclipse is never visible from all parts of the Earth at the same time. This is because the Moon is much smaller than Earth and its shadow is only a few hundred miles wide. This means that it can cover only one part of the Earth at any one time.

Meaning of partial solar eclipse

When the solar eclipse of October 25 is at its peak, it will cover up to 82 percent of the disk of the Sun. Russia will see 80 percent solar eclipse. It will cover 70 per cent of the Sun’s disk in China, 63 per cent in Norway and 62 per cent in Finland, so it is a partial solar eclipse. Keep in mind that this total solar eclipse will not happen anywhere in the world. This is because the Moon and the Sun will not be perfectly aligned. During this, the sun will be seen half-cut.

when is the next solar eclipse

If for some reason you could not see this celestial sight live, then remember the day of April 20, 2023. There will be a total solar eclipse on this day.


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