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The largest Russian lead production plant has stopped

According to Kommersant, the country’s largest plant for the production of secondary lead, called Fregat, has stopped in Russia.

Fregat annually produces up to 40 thousand tons of lead and alloys, that is, about a quarter of the total production of this metal in Russia. For five months of 2022, the plant produced about 17.5 thousand tons.

The main reason was the complete lack of exports due to the fact that the Ministry of Industry and Trade for a month and a half did not issue a single license to export metal from the country. The source said that the department blocked exports, fearing a shortage of lead for the defense industry.

In addition, there is evidence that a number of other enterprises are preparing to close or go for repairs. In order to prevent the cessation of production, analysts propose to start purchasing metal for the state reserve.

A month ago information appearedthat no one needed Russian lead: two-month lead stocks have been accumulated in warehouses, but it is not known where to supply it.

Russia produces about 200 thousand tons of lead per year, half of the production went to Europe. However, after the start of the special operation in Ukraine, exports to the EU actually stopped, and from July 10, supplies will fall under the fifth package of sanctions.

Lead prices in the world are falling: if in March the price of the metal reached a record of $2.5 thousand per ton, now the price has fallen to $1.9 thousand.

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