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The Japanese automaker Isuzu is exploring all the possibilities and may stay in the Russian market

The Japanese company Isuzu said in response to a request from the RIA Novosti agency that it could remain on the Russian market.

Isuzu, in particular, said that various options are currently being studied, but a final decision has not yet been made.

“Currently, all possibilities are being explored, including the continuation of the activity or exit from it. This does not mean that we are considering exclusively the option of exiting activities, ”Isuzu responded to a request to clarify what exactly is meant by “various options”.

Earlier, the Japanese edition of Yomiuri reported that Isuzu may completely stop production in Russia. Allegedly, such a decision can be made due to the impossibility of organizing the supply of components to the Ulyanovsk plant (Isuzu Rus JSC). For this reason, the company has been idle since the spring and is physically unable to produce cars.

Immediately after the appearance of information about the closure of the plant in Russia the company said it was not true. At that time, it was reported that the company was in forced downtime, and its employees received payments in accordance with labor laws.

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