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The Internet is running intermittently in the Smartphone, so do this small setting today, its speed will become frightening.

Smartphone Internet: You must have noticed that many times the internet of your smartphone starts running very slow during the journey. This mostly happens when you are traveling in train or bus. In such a situation, you continue to have a lot of problems because due to the lack of internet, you are neither able to watch movies nor run social media. If you also travel usually and this problem comes in front of you, then today we are going to tell you how to increase internet speed. 

Don’t forget to keep the primary sim in Not One

Keep the SIM card on which you have activated internet service in SIM slot one only. Actually the internet offers the best speed in this slot and in such a situation it is said that you should always keep the primary SIM in this slot. If you do this then there is a lot of possibility that you will get high speed internet. 

Don’t forget to remove the hard cover

During the journey, you should try to remove the hard cover. Actually this cover affects the network and if you are traveling continuously then do not use this cover for some time because due to this the internet speed becomes very slow.

close background apps

If you have not closed the background apps of your smartphone, then close them during the journey because these apps keep on consuming data, due to which the internet speed becomes very slow. If you follow these tips then internet speed in smart phone is not affected much.

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