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The increasing interest of people in mutual fund investment, there has been an increase in the investment of such a percentage

In the recent past, the interest of people has increased in Mutual Fund investment. Due to the Russo-Ukraine war, there has been a steady decline in the market. But, even after this, people have invested heavily in mutual funds. According to the data released by AMFI, there has been an increase of about 44 percent in the number of mutual fund investors in the country in the month of March alone. Investors have invested heavily in equities of mutual funds. Since 13 months, Equity Mutual Fund is giving continuous profits to the people.

Increasing profits of people in mutual funds
According to the data of Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI), investors have got good profits in the year 2022 by investing in mutual funds. The profit in mutual funds in January was Rs 14,888 crore. In February, this profit had increased to Rs 19,705 crore. Now in the month of March, an increase of about 44 percent has been registered in this profit.

Increasing trend of investors in SIP
Due to the Russia-Ukraine war in the last month of February and March, there was a lot of turmoil in the market. But, in the meantime, the interest of investors in mutual funds kept increasing. People like to invest in mutual funds through SIP. Investment in mutual funds through SIP has reached about 12,328 crores. It was only Rs 11,438 crore in February. In the month of February to March, an increase of 8 percent has been registered in mutual fund investment through SIP. Along with SIPs, multi-cap funds have also registered an increase in the month of March.

Debt funds recorded a decline
If we talk about debt funds, then there has been a decline in it. In the month of March alone, it has seen a withdrawal of about Rs 1.15 lakh crore. Even before this, money has been withdrawn continuously from February 2020 to 2021 in debt funds.

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